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Change Directory - Select a Folder (and drive).  Also known as CHDIR.


      CD [/D] [drive:][path]

      CD [..]


   /D : change the current DRIVE in addition to changing folder.  


To change to the parent directory.

CD ..


To change to the grant-parent directory.

CD ..\..


To change to the ROOT directory.

CD \


To display the current directory in the specified drive.

Type CD :


To display the current drive and directory.



Moving down the folder tree with a full path reference to the ROOT folder...

C:\winnt> CD \winnt\java



Moving down the folder tree with a reference RELATIVE to the current folder...

C:\winnt> CD java



Moving up and down the folder tree in one command...

C:\winnt\java> CD ..\system32


If Command Extensions are enabled the CD command is enhanced as follows:

1)  The current directory string is converted to use the correct CASE.  So CD C:\wiNnt would actually set the current directory to C:\Winnt

2)  CD does not treat spaces as delimiters, so it is possible to CD into a subfolder name that contains a space without surrounding the name with quotes.

For example:

cd \My folder

is the same as:

cd "\My folder"

3) An asterisk can be used to complete a folder name e.g. from C:\

CD pro*

will move to

C:\Program Files

Tab Completion

This allows changing current folder by entering part of the path and pressing TAB


Will go to C:\Program Files\

Tab Completion is disabled by default, it has been known to create difficulty when using a batch script to process text files that contain TAB characters.  Tab Completion is turned on by setting the registry value shown below


[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Command Processor]


Changing the Current drive

simply enter the drive letter followed by a colon

C:> E:


To change drive and directory at the same time, use CD with the /D switch

C:> cd /D E:\utils


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