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Adobe Firefly: New Payment Structure & Official Release

Adobe has officially released its Firefly generative AI models, 176 days after its beta launch. It's now accessible within the Creative Cloud, Adobe Express, and Adobe Experience Cloud. This upgrade means users can directly enjoy features such as the generative fill and expand in Photoshop without installing the beta version. Moreover, Firefly is also debuting as a standalone web app, cementing its position in Adobe's product line.

A significant announcement from Adobe is its new pricing structure for Firefly. The company introduces "generative credits" to gauge user interactions with these AI models. Simply put, every Firefly image generation consumes a credit. Adobe has re-engineered the Firefly web application to ensure users have full control before generating images.

While this payment mechanism might seem intricate, the silver lining is that paid Adobe users will receive a generous allowance of these credits. Here's the distribution:

After exhausting these credits, Firefly will operate slower for most plans, with specific limitations for Adobe Firefly and Adobe Express Premium subscribers. However, Adobe plans to introduce extra subscription packs, with pricing details pending.

Until November 1, subscribers of select Adobe services will not face credit restrictions.

Alexandru Costin, Adobe's VP for Generative AI and Sensei, highlighted the models' significant operational costs, given their size and cloud-based operation. Adobe's intent is to ensure quality, equity in service access, and fair use for all users. Although they considered a token system, feedback showed that it was challenging for users to comprehend.

Since its inception, Firefly has been utilized to produce over 2 billion images. Costin emphasized the commercial safety of these images, mainly trained using Adobe Stock photos. Adobe also promises to protect its enterprise clients from potential legal challenges related to Firefly-generated imagery.

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