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Google's Bard AI: New Features and Privacy Assurances

Google's Bard AI chatbot is advancing beyond just web search; it's now equipped to scan through Gmail, Docs, and Drive to assist users in retrieving specific information. This new feature enables Bard to locate, summarize, and emphasize key details from emails or documents in Drive.

These new capabilities, termed 'extensions' by Google, are designed to prevent users from manually going through piles of emails or documents. Following the extraction, Bard can reformat this data into charts or summaries. However, this feature is currently English-exclusive.

Privacy concerns naturally arise when permitting an AI to access personal emails and documents. However, Google assures that it won't employ this data to refine Bard's public model. Additionally, humans won't review this content. Users maintain control, with the choice to opt-in or opt-out from integrating Bard with Gmail, Docs, or Drive.

To activate this feature, Jack Krawczyk, Bard's product head, suggests users can initiate searches in Gmail by starting questions with '@mail'. An alternate approach would be simply asking, "Find details about my next flight in my email."

Google's vision for Bard's extensions surpasses just Gmail, Docs, and Drive. Announcements reveal future integrations with Maps, YouTube, and Google Flights, allowing users to request real-time flight updates, discover local sites, or pinpoint specific YouTube content. These three extensions will be activated by default.

Krawczyk remarked on this novel move, stating it's a pioneering effort to blend a language model product with personal user data, emphasizing the importance of its precise execution. He further disclosed plans to expand Bard's connections to more Google services and even external partners.

Apart from these enhancements, Bard is also seeing upgrades like the refined "Google It" button. Previously allowing users to search related topics, it will now verify the alignment between Bard's responses and Google Search results.

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Posted: 2023-09-20
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