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T-Mobile User Data Glitch

Reports are surfacing from T-Mobile users on X (previously Twitter) and Reddit claiming unauthorized access to other users' account details. These details reportedly include credit balances, transaction history, credit card details, and home addresses when logged into their individual T-Mobile accounts.

While certain T-Mobile customers claimed to have seen data from multiple accounts, the full extent of the glitch remains undetermined. Owing to the security concerns, the T-Mobile subreddit has urged its community to refrain from posting more specifics on this issue.

In response, T-Mobile attributed the incident to a "technology update" mishap. The company clarified on Wednesday that the glitch had been corrected. “This wasn’t a cyberattack or security breach on T-Mobile. It was a short-lived system anomaly due to a scheduled overnight tech update that impacted less than 100 customer accounts. It was promptly addressed,” stated T-Mobile's representative, Tara Darrow.

It's noteworthy that T-Mobile has faced several security challenges this year, with two cybersecurity incidents disclosed earlier in January and May.

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Posted: 2023-09-22
By: dwirch
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