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Pizza Hut Australia Faces Data Breach

Posted: 2023-09-22
By: dwirch
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Pizza Hut Australia recently announced a data breach affecting approximately 190,000 customers. Personal details, including names, delivery addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers, were accessed by unauthorized parties. In a more unique twist, pizza order histories, including individual preferences such as pineapple toppings, were also exposed.

Pizza Hut Australia became aware of the breach in early September, identifying it as "unauthorized third party" access to specific customer data. The company's CEO, Phil Reed, stated, "Upon discovery, we immediately fortified our systems, engaged with cybersecurity experts, and initiated an in-depth investigation to comprehend the breach's extent and the affected data."

Unfortunately, this isn't Pizza Hut's maiden encounter with cyberattacks. Earlier in January 2023, their UK and US branches fell victim to ransomware. In 2019, the brand cautioned its patrons following a breach in their loyalty program accounts. Furthermore, 2017 saw Pizza Hut USA grappling with a security breach that disclosed some customers' credit card details.

Fast food chains, in general, seem to have a recurring cybersecurity issue. Historical records indicate various incidents over the years: a 2016 attack on KFC's loyalty program, a 2023 McDonald's South Korea incident resulting in a $530,000 fine due to insecure data storage, White Castle's unauthorized employee biometric data collection, and Tim Horton's controversial customer location data practices. Even Burger King wasn't exempt, with accusations of spamming, albeit less severe than serving it.

In summary, while many fast-food giants have faced scrutiny for culinary choices, paralleled with lapses in digital security, Pizza Hut's recent breach adds to the industry's growing list. And for the record, their unique approach to pineapple toppings remains a point of contention among pizza aficionados.

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