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Windows 11 Unveils Passkey Login Support

The latest Windows 11 update, launching on September 26th, will feature public support for passkeys – a next-gen passwordless login method. This technology facilitates sign-ins using facial recognition, fingerprints, or device PINs, a major move announced at Microsoft's recent AI and Surface event.

Previously tested in the Windows Insider developer realm since June, this update pushes passkeys to all users. Originating from Windows Hello, passkeys can be created and used across Windows desktop and mobile platforms. With the new update, IT departments can promote enhanced security, nudging employees to bypass traditional passwords on Windows 11 devices compatible with Windows Hello for Business.

In a recent blog post, Microsoft highlighted its ongoing collaboration with industry partners and the FIDO Alliance in promoting a passwordless future with passkeys. They emphasized the technology’s broad applicability, citing Github and Docusign as platforms where passkeys can be employed. However, passkey usage is contingent on support for the WebAuthn public key authentication standard, with services like 1Password offering a directory of compatible platforms.

Anticipated to be the successor to traditional passwords, passkeys' universal adoption will be gradual. Microsoft, an early adopter, publicly championed passkeys on 2022's World Password Day, joined by tech behemoths Apple and Google.

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Posted: 2023-09-26
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