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Sony Under Cyber Threat: Ransomware Group Alleges System Breach

Sony is in the spotlight, announcing a probe after a cyber group alleged a security breach of its systems.

According to Cyber Security Connect, the ransomware faction identifying as alleges having penetrated the Sony Group's security walls. Contrary to the typical ransom demands, this group has declared its intention to sell the supposedly purloined data. Their proclamation reads: “We've successfully compromised Sony's systems. Instead of demanding ransom, we'll sell the data due to Sony's non-payment stance. DATA UP FOR GRABS.”

Cyber Security Connect underscores that while these declarations remain uncorroborated, showcased purported evidence, including snapshots of an internal login page, a company PowerPoint slide detailing test bench specifics, and assorted Java files. Notably, the reported leak's file structure suggests under 6,000 files, leading Cyber Security Connect to label the data trove as “modest” when juxtaposed with the group's ambitious claims about breaching "all of Sony systems."

Highlighting their audacity, set a data release deadline of September 28, contingent upon finding no prior buyers.

Sony, in its official response to IGN, stated, “We're actively examining the situation, with no additional comments available currently.”

This incident evokes memories of the infamous 2011 PlayStation Network hack, which compromised the personal data of 77 million users, causing PSN to suspend services for almost a month, impacting game debuts and user services.

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Posted: 2023-09-29
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