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LinkedIn Levels Up with AI: A New Era of Networking

LinkedIn, the renowned professional networking platform owned by Microsoft, has reached a significant milestone of 21 years. Amidst a rapidly changing tech landscape, the platform is unveiling a slew of new AI-driven features to keep its near-billion users engaged. The innovations include AI-enhanced tools for job hunting, marketing, and sales, showing LinkedIn's intent to integrate artificial intelligence deeply into its user experience.

Last year, LinkedIn's impressive $15 billion revenue was accompanied by the introduction of several AI-based features, like the AI-driven writing suggestions. Additionally, recruiters witnessed AI-assisted job description creations. The recent set of announcements are an expansion on these features.

Although LinkedIn has long been a proponent of AI, its use has mostly been behind the scenes. Have you ever been taken aback by the platform's uncanny connection suggestions? That's AI at work. All those detailed insights about user behavior? Credit AI for that. As stated by their former lead AI engineer, Deepak Agarwal, "AI powers everything at LinkedIn."

However, the AI landscape has transformed. With the proliferation of platforms like ChatGPT by OpenAI, AI has become more accessible, prompting a shift in how people work. LinkedIn, previously reliant on its in-house AI solutions, is now leveraging technology from OpenAI and Microsoft for its newest features.

Microsoft's significant stake in OpenAI, following a whopping $13 billion investment, has strategically positioned the tech giant to integrate OpenAI's capabilities into its products. While LinkedIn explores the potential of building its own AI models, it currently benefits from the tech of its parent company and OpenAI.

Here's a snapshot of LinkedIn's new AI-powered tools:

In summary, as AI becomes a mainstream force in tech, LinkedIn is riding the wave, enhancing its platform with intelligent features for a new era of networking.

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Posted: 2023-10-04
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