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IBM's Stance on AI and Employment

IBM has clarified its position on the impact of AI on jobs, emphasizing that it will not lay off any programmers due to AI adoption. In a recent discussion at Fortune's CEO Initiative conference, IBM's CEO Arvind Krishna assured that AI's implementation will increase the efficiency of programmers by up to 30%, supporting the broader belief that AI will enhance, not replace, many jobs.

While Krishna had previously speculated that about 30% of IBM roles might be superseded by AI and automation, translating to approximately 7,800 jobs, he now offers a different perspective. He anticipates a reduction in specific back-office HR positions but highlights an uptick in software engineering and sales roles. As he put it, "We're adding 8,000 positions and reducing around 800. Repetitive, white-collar jobs are the first to automate."

Krishna pointed out that while AI might assume 10 to 20% of "lower-level" tasks, it's improbable that it will replace entire roles.

Recent studies have presented varying figures on AI's potential job impact, from affecting 300 million jobs globally to replacing over 2 million US jobs by 2030. Notably, IBM's own research indicated that about 40% of the global workforce might need to upskill within the next three years due to AI. Summarizing their findings: "AI won't replace people—but those who utilize AI will replace those who don't."

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Posted: 2023-10-06
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