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Email Giants Combat Spam

Yahoo and Google, two of the leading global email providers, announced new measures on Tuesday to tackle the surge of spam by holding bulk email senders to higher standards.

Yahoo pointed out the current lax setup by many bulk email senders, making them susceptible to exploitation by malicious individuals. To address this, from Q1 2024, Yahoo will require these senders to adopt stronger email authentication methods including SPF, DKIM, and DMARC. In addition, Yahoo is advocating for a one-click unsubscribe feature for users. Although they have promoted this concept for a while, its adoption remains limited. Going forward, the company will mandate that senders process such unsubscribe requests within 48 hours.

Google echoed Yahoo's sentiments in its own announcement. Despite Gmail's advanced AI systems blocking over 99.9% of spam, phishing, and malware, the evolving complexity of threats necessitates further action. Google is now tightening its rules for bulk senders - those dispatching more than 5,000 emails to Gmail recipients in a day - demanding enhanced identity validation.

Google's statement highlighted the often overlooked security inadequacies of bulk senders, which inadvertently provide a cover for cyber attackers. While they took measures the previous year to authenticate all emails directed to Gmail, Google believes there's more to be done. High-volume senders will now need to more rigorously authenticate their communications. Mirroring Yahoo's commitment, Google also endorsed the one-click unsubscription, obliging senders to respect these requests within two days. Additionally, they plan to set a distinct "spam rate limit" that bulk senders should remain below to protect Gmail users from an overflow of unwanted emails.

Both tech giants recognized each other's efforts, with Google emphasizing the need for collective effort in the email community. They reiterated their commitment, stating, "Together, we'll continue our endeavors to ensure a safer email environment for users."

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