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Lyca Mobile Cyberattack: Services Disrupted and Data at Risk

Lyca Mobile, an international mobile virtual network operator, recently faced a major cyberattack causing significant service disruptions. This event, initiated late last week, hindered customer and retailer access to top-ups and affected both national and international calling.

With its base in the UK and operations in 60 countries, Lyca Mobile boasts over 16 million customers. However, the US, Australia, Tunisia, and Ukraine remained unaffected by this disruption.

The company is now investigating the potential compromise of personal data. In a statement on their website, Lyca Mobile mentioned, "Our records are encrypted, and we're diligently working with experts to ascertain the details. We'll keep customers informed about our findings."

While telecom services are back, some issues still need addressing. Preliminary observations suggest that ransomware might have been involved.

Mike Newman, CEO of My1Login, commented on the gravity of the situation. He highlighted that numerous complaints surfaced on social media platforms last Friday from disgruntled Lyca Mobile users facing issues sending texts and making calls. Newman inferred, “This widespread disruption seems to be the result of a substantial cyberattack. It's early, but indications suggest ransomware might have been the culprit. Fortunately, with encrypted data, there's hope that customer information remains secure.”

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Posted: 2023-10-06
By: dwirch
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