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How to Enable or Disable Snap Layouts Feature in Windows 11

Windows 11, Microsoft's latest OS iteration, has introduced a plethora of new features to enhance productivity and provide a smoother user experience. One such feature is the "Snap Layouts." But what exactly is this feature, and how can you get the most out of it?

What is Snap Layouts?

Snap Layouts is a feature in Windows 11 that allows users to easily organize multiple open windows on their desktop. It's an extension of the Windows Snap feature, which has been around since Windows 7, but with more flexibility and options.

With Snap Layouts, when you hover over the maximize button of an active window, you'll see a selection of predefined layouts. These layouts let you quickly snap the window to a portion of the screen, such as half, quarter, or other segments, depending on your display and its resolution. This can be incredibly useful for multitaskers or users who often work with multiple applications simultaneously.

Benefits of Snap Layouts

  1. Enhanced Multitasking: Easily work with multiple applications side-by-side without manually resizing each window.
  2. Optimized Screen Real Estate: Efficiently use your screen space by organizing applications in a neat manner.
  3. Swift Productivity: With just a hover and click, you can set up your work environment exactly how you like it.

However, as with all features, not everyone might find Snap Layouts useful. If you're among those who'd rather not use this feature, or if you simply want to try toggling it on or off, here's how you can do that:

How to Enable or Disable Snap Layouts in Windows 11

  1. Open the Settings App: Click on the Start button and select 'Settings' or press WIN + I keys together on your keyboard.
  2. Navigate to System: On the left-hand pane, click on 'System.'
  3. Choose the Multitasking option: Under the System menu, you'll find an option labeled 'Multitasking.' Click on it.
  4. Toggle Snap Windows: Here, you'll find an option called 'Snap Windows.' This is where you can enable or disable the Snap Layouts feature.
    • To enable it, make sure the switch is toggled to 'On.'
    • To disable it, toggle the switch to 'Off.'

Note: Even if you disable the Snap Layouts feature, the classic snap features (like snapping to the left or right half of the screen) will still function unless you disable them separately.


Snap Layouts is an innovative addition to Windows 11, providing users with more options to organize their desktop efficiently. Whether you're a fan of this feature or prefer the classic way, Windows 11 offers flexibility in how you manage your windows. Play around with the settings and find the setup that suits your workflow best!

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