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Photoshop on the Web: Adobe's Latest Release

Adobe has unveiled its official web-based version of Photoshop for subscribers. After almost two years in beta, the web iteration is now enhanced with Firefly-driven AI tools like generative fill and generative expand.

The web toolbar is optimized for tasks like duplicating images or isolating objects. Furthermore, for the benefit of novices, Photoshop online displays the complete tool names rather than just tooltip descriptions.

Sharing and collaborating on projects is more streamlined as users can share links, even with those who aren't subscribed.

Back in May, Adobe introduced the Firefly-enabled features generative expand and generative fill. These tools, initially exclusive to the beta version, allow for image expansion and object addition or removal without disrupting the picture's context. With the web version's launch, Adobe can now roll out updates more promptly and experiment with new functionalities.

While the web edition boasts most of the desktop tools and features a contextual taskbar suggesting subsequent steps, some tools like the patch, pen, smart object, and polygonal lasso are currently absent. Adobe is actively working to incorporate these into the web platform.

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Posted: 2023-10-11
By: dwirch
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