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Choosing Default Apps in Windows 11: A Step-by-Step Guide

With every iteration of Windows, Microsoft fine-tunes the user experience, offering flexibility and control over system settings. One of the most frequently adjusted settings is the default applications – whether it's the browser you use to surf the web or the media player for your tunes and videos. Windows 11 is no different, and if you're unsure how to set or change your default apps in this latest version, we've got you covered.

Why Choose Default Apps?

Setting default apps is all about convenience and personal preference. By setting an app as the default:

  1. Seamless Experience: Files or links open automatically with your preferred app, ensuring a consistent and predictable experience.
  2. Save Time: No need to manually select an app every time you want to open a specific file type.
  3. Tailored to You: Whether it's a particular browser you love or a media player with features you can't live without, setting default apps makes your system truly yours.

Choosing Default Apps in Windows 11: The Steps

  1. Open Settings: Click on the Start button and select "Settings". Alternatively, you can press the "WIN + I" keys simultaneously.

  2. Navigate to Apps: In the Settings window, click on the "Apps" option.

  3. Select Default Apps: On the left sidebar, click on "Default apps". This will open a page showing various file types and protocols.

  4. Search or Scroll: If you know the specific file type or protocol, you can search for it. Alternatively, you can scroll through the list.

  5. Choose Your App: Once you've located the file type or protocol, click on it. A list of available apps that can handle that file type or protocol will appear. Simply select your preferred application from the list to set it as the default.

  6. Repeat for Other File Types: Go through other file types or protocols and set the desired default apps as needed.

Important Note

Some applications, upon installation, may prompt you to set them as the default for certain file types or protocols. Always be aware of such prompts, especially if you've already set your preferred default apps. If you accidentally change your defaults, just follow the steps above to revert back to your preferred settings.


Setting default apps in Windows 11 ensures a personalized and streamlined user experience. The process is simple, user-friendly, and allows for quick adjustments whenever needed. Take control of your Windows 11 experience by setting up your default apps today!

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