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Slack Shifts Communication on Platform Issues

Slack has decided to discontinue its @SlackStatus account on X, which had been a medium for updates on glitches and disruptions. Kevin Albers, Slack's VP of Customer Experience, mentioned in a statement to The Verge that the move aims to unify communications regarding incidents and allocate resources to platforms most frequented by their clientele.

Previously, users could track issues through this account, especially via XPro (formerly known as TweetDeck) available only to X Premium subscribers. For future updates on Slack's operational status, Albers recommends visiting Slack's primary status webpage. Additionally, any incident-related queries can be addressed through Slack's principal account, @SlackHQ. Another option is to subscribe to Slack's RSS and Atom notifications.

Moreover, other corporations like American Express and Air France have scaled back their presence on X. American Express privatized its @AskAmex account and as of August 1st announced it as dormant. In contrast, as of April, Air France ceased using X's direct messaging for customer assistance, likely influenced by alterations in X’s API pricing structure earlier in the year.

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Posted: 2023-10-20
By: dwirch
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