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Microsoft Discontinues Windows Insider MVP Program

In a surprising development, Microsoft has decided to bring an end to its Windows Insider MVP (Most Valuable Professional) Program. This decision was confirmed by a Microsoft spokesperson in a statement provided to The Register. The company revealed its intention to retire the program as of December 31, 2023, with existing Windows Insider MVPs being invited to join the Microsoft MVP Program, which offers similar benefits and networking opportunities on a global scale.

The move has raised concerns among MVPs, who view the program as a valuable resource for consumers. One Microsoft MVP expressed regret that Microsoft's flagship product, Windows, will no longer have a dedicated MVP community.

For those unfamiliar with the program, Windows Insider MVP is an award system that recognizes tech experts and community leaders who demonstrate expertise in Windows and other Microsoft products and services, keeping up with industry trends.

Becoming an MVP

To become an MVP, individuals must demonstrate their technical expertise and active participation in the technical community through activities such as writing articles, blogs, forum engagement, and social media presence. Recognition for contributions in the tech field is essential to qualify as an MVP. Achieving MVP status may take some time and dedication.

MVP Benefits

Contrary to common expectations, Microsoft MVPs do not receive direct compensation from the company. Instead, they gain access to various perks, including early access to Microsoft products and exclusive communication channels with product teams. Additional benefits are available, but many details are kept confidential through Non-Disclosure Agreements signed upon achieving MVP status.

Duration of MVP Status

MVP status is valid for one year, requiring professionals to reapply for renewal (usually in July). This process ensures that MVPs continue to demonstrate their expertise, skillset, and extensive knowledge in the tech industry.

Implications for the Windows Insider Program

It's important to note that Microsoft's decision to discontinue the Windows Insider MVP Program does not impact the Windows Insider Program itself. Microsoft relies on the Windows Insider Program to test new features and gather user feedback before wider releases. Given the company's upcoming major version of Windows in 2024, it is unlikely that the Windows Insider Program will be retired during this critical period.

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