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Base Building in The Planet Crafter

Base building is a core mechanic and primary objective in Planet Crafter. When constructing a base, players can incorporate elements that serve both functional and decorative purposes. This includes building structures, storage units, and furniture.

At the start of the game, it's advisable to set up makeshift shelters at points of interest, such as shipwrecks, caves, or easily recognizable landmarks. These shelters provide essential oxygen and allow for the placement of storage containers for collected items.

Once you learn how to deconstruct, you can dismantle and transport these shelters, creating a mobile home that supports your journey.

Build Item Ingredients Purpose
Living Compartment Basic habitat
Compartment Door Gotta have a door to get in to the habitat
Foundation Grid Mostly decorative, provides support for other structures, or makes floors outside
Outside Stairs Allows you to reach new heights
Corner Compartment Rounded living compartment with glass walls on the curved part.
Big Living Compartment Like a regular living compartment, but big (2x2). No internal walls.
Rounded Living Compartment With no internal walls and rounded corners, this is a 3x3 configuration of a living compartment.
Domed Living Compartment Same as the Rounded Living Compartment, but with a nice glass dome.
3x3 Living Compartment Same as the Big Living Compartment, But bigger (3x3).
Indoor Ladder When you have base with multiple levels, provides a method of access to other levels inside the base.
Interior Wall Section off your habitat with walls inside.
Fence It's a fence section, and does fence things. Can be placed inside or outside.
Glass For floors or ceilings, lets you see the great outdoors from inside your base.
Window Same as Glass, but for walls.
Area Lamp A lamp that goes anywhere, and you can change the color.
Beacon This helps you find your way back to your base(s), or other points of interest. Multi-color capable.
Outside Lamp For lighting up outside areas at night.

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