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Copy one or more files to another location

syntax      COPY source destination [options]

      COPY source1 + source2.. destination [options]key

     source :  Pathname for the file or files to be copied.

        /A  :  ASCII text file (default)

        /B  :  Binary file copy - will copy extended characters.

destination :  Pathname for the new file(s).

        /V  :  Verify that the new files were written correctly.

        /N  :  If at all possible, use only a short filename (8.3) when creating

               a destination file. This may be necessary when copying between disks

               that are formatted differently e.g NTFS and VFAT, or when archiving

               data to an ISO9660 CDROM.        

  /Z  :  Copy files in restartable mode. If the copy is interrupted part way

   through, it will restart if possible. (use on slow networks)

        /Y  :  Suppress confirmation prompt (Windows 2000 only)

        /-Y :  Enable confirmation prompt (Windows 2000 only)

Under Windows 2000 the default action is to prompt on overwrites unless the COPY command is being executed from within a batch script.

To force the overwriting of destination files under both NT4 and Windows2000 use the COPYCMD environment variable:


This will turn off the prompt in Win2000 and will be ignored by NT4 (which overwrites by default).

Making Binary copies

If you specify /B immediately after COPY then everything will be done in binary, you can also put /B after any one file to copy just that file in binary.

COPY will accept UNC pathnames

To combine files, specify a single file for the destination, but multiple files as the source. To specify more than one file use wildcards or list the files with a + in between each (file1+file2+file3)

When copying multiple files in this way the first file must exist or else the copy will fail, a workaround for this is COPY null + file1 + file2 dest1


In the current folder

COPY oldfile.wp newfile.doc

Full path specified

COPY g:\department\oldfile.wp "c:\Files to Convert\newfile.doc"

Specify the drive and filename (assumes the current folder on both drives is correct)

COPY a:oldfile.wp c:newfile.doc

Specify source only (will copy the file to current folder, keeping the same filename)

COPY g:\department\oldfile.wp

Quiet copy (no feedback on screen)

COPY oldfile.wp newfile.doc >nul

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