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New Site Application: Notespace. For all your Note Taking Needs

Taking prolific notes seems to be all the rage, and I couldn't agree more.  So, I added an application called Notespace to the site. Notespace is a completly free simple note taker, and it's for registered users. It's pretty straightforward to use, too. 

Accessing the Tool

The tool can be accessed by going to the My Stuff link up there in the header of the site. If you don't see the link, you need to login first.

Accessing the My Stuff section

Next, click on the NoteSpace entry on the userbar. You'll be presented with your fresh new notespace! 

Accessing Notespace from the Userbar

From here, you can create subspaces.  You might have some for work, some for personal items, projects, or other random spaces.  Further, you can have subspaces of subspaces; an infinite chain of spaces!  Each subspace has their own set of notes. To navigate the tree, the breadcrumbs section at the top of the window is used:

Sample view of the Breadcrumbs space

An example heirarchy for subspaces might be something like this:

Each of those headings is a notespace, and has their own set of notes.  This helps you keep organized, and you can easily find what  you are looking for.

For use in your professional life, you can use it to track information about meetings, projects, what you did during the day (you should use Ophion for that!).  For personal use, you can track your home or car maintenance, vet visits for your non-human children, and more.

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Posted: 2024-07-07
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