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Compare the contents of two files or sets of files. Display any lines which do NOT match.


      FC /B pathname1 pathname2

      FC [options] pathname1 pathname2


   /B  : Perform a binary comparison.


   /C  : Do a case insensitive string comparison

   /A  : Displays only first and last lines for each set of differences.

   /U  : Compare files as UNICODE text files.

   /L  : Compares files as ASCII text. (default)

   /N  : Display line numbers (ASCII only)

   /LBn: Limit the number of lines that will be read, "n" sets a maximum number

         of mismatches after which the File Comparison will abort (resync failed)

         When FC aborts (resync failed) then "n" number of mismatches will be shown.

  /nnnn  : Specify a number of consecutive lines that must match after a mismatch.

           This can be used to prevent the display of the two files from getting

           too out of sync

  /T     : Do not expand tabs to spaces.

  /W     : Compress white space (tabs and spaces) for comparison.

To compare sets of files, use wildcards in pathname1 and pathname2 parameters.

To identify 2 identical files use this syntax:

   FC file1.txt file2.txt | FIND "FC: no dif" > nul

   IF ERRORLEVEL 1 goto :s_files_are_different


If two files are compared and the four lines of text match as follows

1: different

2: same

3: same

4: different

Specifying /nnnn =2 the file compare will display the 4th line and continue

Specifying /nnnn =3 the file compare will halt at the 4th line (files too different)

Specifying /LB1 the file compare will halt after the first line

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