FSUTIL.exe (Win XP and .Net)

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FSUTIL.exe (Win XP and .Net)

File and Volume specific commands, Hardlink management, Quota management, USN, Sparse file, Object ID and Reparse point management

Create a hardlink

FSUTIL hardlink create

Eg : fsutil hardlink create c:\foo.txt c:\bar.txt

Create a new file of a specific size

FSUTIL file createnew

Eg : fsutil file createnew C:\testfile.txt 1000

Set the short name for a file

FSUTIL file setshortname

Eg : fsutil file setshortname C:\testfile.txt testfile

Set the valid data length for a file

FSUTIL file setvaliddata

Eg : fsutil file setvaliddata C:\testfile.txt 4096

Set the zero data for a file

FSUTIL file setzerodata offset= length=

offset : File offset, the start of the range to set to zeroes

length : Byte length of the zeroed range

Eg : fsutil file setzerodata offset=100 length=150 C:\Temp\sample.txt

List all drives (including mapped and Subst drives)

FSUTIL fsinfo drives

Query drive type for a drive

FSUTIL fsinfo drivetype

Eg : fsutil fsinfo drivetype C:

Query volume information

FSUTIL fsinfo volumeinfo

Eg : fsutil fsinfo volumeinfo C:\

Query NTFS specific volume information

FSUTIL fsinfo ntfsinfo

Eg : fsutil fsinfo ntfsinfo C:

Query file system statistics

FSUTIL fsinfo statistics

Eg : fsutil fsinfo statistics C:

QUOTA Management

FSUTIL quota {query|disable|track|enforce } C:

FSUTIL quota violations

FSUTIL quota modify

Eg : fsutil quota modify c: 3000 5000 domain\user

Find a file by user name (if Disk Quotas are enabled)

FSUTIL file findbysid

Eg : fsutil file findbysid scottb C:\users

File system options:

FSUTIL behavior query option

FSUTIL behavior set option

FSUTIL dirty query

FSUTIL dirty set

Where option is one of:






Eg : FSUTIL behavior query disable8dot3

FSUTIL dirty query C:

Query a reparse point

FSUTIL reparsepoint query

Eg : fsutil reparsepoint query C:\Server

Delete a reparse point

FSUTIL reparsepoint delete

Eg : fsutil reparsepoint delete C:\Server

Edit an object identifier

FSUTIL objectid {query | set | delete | create}

Set sparse file properties

FSUTIL sparse queryflag

FSUTIL sparse setflag

FSUTIL sparse queryrange

FSUTIL sparse setrange

Eg : fsutil sparse queryflag "C:\My Test.txt"

Query the allocated ranges for a file

FSUTIL file queryallocranges offset= length=

offset : File Offset, the start of the range to query

length : Size, in bytes, of the range

Eg : fsutil file queryallocranges offset=1024 length=64 C:\Temp\sample.txt

Sparse files provide a method of saving disk space for files that contain meaningful data as well as large sections of data composed of zeros. If an NTFS file is marked as sparse, then disk clusters are allocated only for the data explicitly specified by the application.

e.g. The Indexing Service, stores it's catalogs as sparse files.

Some of the features in fsutil can be implemented in NT and Win 2K by hacking the registry.

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