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Online help for MS Windows - most NT commands will give help when run with /? or -? (COMMAND /? or COMMAND -?)

GUI Help is available from START - Help or by running the help files directly:







      WINHELP [options] helpfile.hlp

      WINHLP32.exe [options] helpFile

In XP:    C:\WINDOWS\PCHealth\HelpCtr\Binaries\HelpCtr.exe


-H    show help about help

-G[n] Build a .gid file and quit,

      If a number is specified, it determines which extensible tab to

      display by default the first time the help file is opened.

      A value of 1 would be the first tab beyond the Find tab.

      This command cannot be used with -S.

-S    Create a .gid file without showing an animated icon.

      Cannot be used with -G. (winhlp32 only)

-W window

      Specify the window for displaying the topic.

      This command cannot be used with -P.

-P    Show the topic in a pop-up window.

      This command cannot be used with -W.

      You must use the -P switch in combination with the

      -N (context number) or -I (topic ID) switch.

-N contextNum | -I topicID

      Specify the topic to open using either a topic number,

      (defined in the [MAP] section of the HPJ file.)

      or a topic ID string

      (# footnote in the topic).

-K keyword

      Specify the topic to open using a keyword.

      This command cannot be used with -N or -I.

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