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Make Directory - Creates a new folder.


MD [drive:]path


The path can consist of any valid characters up to the maximum path length available

You should avoid using the following characters in folder names - they are all known to cause problems

" - & ' ^ ( ) and @

also many extended characters may not be recognised by older 16 bit windows applications.

The maximum length of a full pathname (folders and filename) under NTFS or FAT is 260 characters.

Folder names are not case sensitive, but only folder names longer than 8 characters will always retain their case, as typed.

For Example

C:\temp> MD MyFolder

Make several folders with one command

C:\temp> MD Alpha Beta Gamma

will create




Make an entire path

MD creates any intermediate directories in the path, if needed.

For example, assuming \utils does not exist then:

MD \utils\downloads\Editor

is the same as:

md \utils

cd \utils

md downloads

cd downloads

md Editor for long filenames include quotesMD "\utils\downloads\Super New Editor"

You cannot create a folder with the same name as any of the following devices:


This limitation ensures that redirection to these devices will always work.

If you plan to copy data onto CDROM avoid folder trees more than 8 folders deep

MKDIR is a synonym for MD

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