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Display protocol statistics and current TCP/IP connections using NBT (NetBIOS over TCP/IP).

By Name
NBTSTAT -a Remote_host_Name [options] [interval]

By IP address
NBTSTAT -A IP_address [options] [interval]
key -a (adapter status) List the remote machine's name table given its name
-A (Adapter status) List the remote machine's name table given its IP address
-c (cache) List NBT's cache of remote [machine] names
and their IP addresses
-n (names) List local NetBIOS names.
-r (resolved) List names resolved by broadcast and via WINS
-R (Reload) Purge and reloads the remote cache name table
-S (Sessions) List sessions table with the destination IP addresses
-s (sessions) List sessions table converting destination IP
addresses to computer NETBIOS names.
-RR (ReleaseRefresh) Send Name Release packets to WINS and then, starts Refresh

interval Redisplay selected statistics, pausing interval seconds
between each display. Press Ctrl+C to stop redisplaying

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