Change BlueTooth Mouse Batteries Without Reinstalling / Reconnecting Device

Posted On 2007-01-24 by FortyPoundHead
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One of the few things I never liked about my Microsoft BlueTooth mouse was that the device needed to be reinstalled (reconnected) after changing the batteries. This morning, by joy of joys, I discovered this is not true.

Before, my mouse would complain of low batteries for days and days and days. I never wanted to change it because I did not want to go through the trouble of reinstalling the bluetooth device.

Typically, the mouse would finally quit moving on the screen. I would switch out both batteries. In the switch out, the OS loses contact with the device. Reinstalling anything without a working mouse is not fun. So I could either keep a USB mouse close by or I could use my uber-keyboarding skills to reinstall–neither options are very efficent.

This morning I noticed that when I pulled out one of the two batteries that the optical light still stayed on. Thinking I could preserve the bluetooth connection, I switched out one battery at a time.

Old battery out, new battery in. Old battery out, new battery in.

As the second new battery went in, my mouse once again sprang to life. The bluetooth connection was never lost.

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