How to Erase a Tape with NTBackup

Posted On 2007-04-03 by dwirch
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When inserting a tape for the next week’s rotation, the tape must first be erased. This procedure must be performed manually through the Graphical User Interface of NTBackup, and is not scriptable. If the tape is not first erased, there will not be enough room on the tape for the backups in the coming week.

The following steps can be used to erase a tape with NTBackup:

Click Start

Click Programs

Click Administrative Tools

Click Backup

There are three windows. Select the Tapes window.

Highlight the tape you wish to erase.

On the top line menu, click Operations.

Click Erase Tape

On the resultant window, click Ok.

After clicking Ok, the tape will be erased. When the tape is done erasing, the NTBackup GUI can be closed. The tape is now ready for use by backup scripts.

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