What is Remote Desktop Connection?

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The Windows XP Remote Desktop Connection utility lets you remotely access a Windows machine over a network or the Internet, provided it is set up to do so and you have proper access on the box. This is performed by opening a connection to the machine, then viewing a virtual desktop of said machine. From this desktop, you can access the remote machine as if it were your own, viewing files, executing software, installing programs, and more.

You can only connect remotely to Windows machines that grant you access. Normally these are connections in your own internal network or that of your company''s network. To gain access to a remote desktop, a system administrator (or you) will have to configure a machine for remote desktop access and provide you with an account on the machine.

Assuming a system administrator has set up a machine and an account for access, to access this machine remotely, click on the "Start" menu, choose "All Programs", "Accessories", "Communication", then "Remote Desktop Connection". Then enter in the remote computer''s IP address, or its network alias if both machines are connected to the same network. Click "Connect". If the connection goes through, a window will appear displaying the remote desktop. Successfully enter your username and password and you''ll have access to the remote machine.

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