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Posted On 2007-04-12 by FortyPoundHead
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Windows XP''s Remote Desktop Connection works great if you are connecting to a remote computer via a cable modem or DSL, but you can still optimize the experience to work acceptably well for modem connections.

Access the Windows XP Remote Desktop Connection tool. Click the "Options" button to access advanced options. Click "Open" if you wish to modify an existing session name.

Click the "Experience" tab. Now, underneath "Choose your connection speed to optimize performance", click the pull-down to choose the speed with which you are able to connect to the Internet. Here''s a tip: If you don''t mind colors that are a little off or don''t care to see the remote desktop''s backdrop, choose a connection speed that is slower than your actual connection.

Optionally, you can uncheck the boxes to disable the following: the remote desktop background, window contents while dragging, menu and window animation, themes, and the desktop background. Personally, I would turn all of these options off unless I had a really fast and stable network connection.

When you are done with your settings, click the "General" tab. Click "Save As" to re-save your session with the new settings, or just go ahead and access a computer remotely by clicking the "Options" menu to hide the advanced settings, then enter the computer name and click "Connect".

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