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Manage File and Printer shares, local or on a remote server.
Although missing from the Windows 2000 Resource kit, the NT version works fine under Windows 2000/2003.

Display all shares
RMTSHARE \\server

Display details of a specific share
RMTSHARE \\server\sharename

Share a Folder
RMTSHARE \\server\sharename=drive:path [options]

Share a Printer
RMTSHARE \\server\sharename=printername /PRINTER [options]

Edit an existing SHARE
RMTSHARE \\server\sharename [options]
Delete a SHARE
RMTSHARE \\server\sharename /DELETE

/GRANT user:perm
/REMOVE user


Either specify /Users to restrict the number of connections that can be made OR specify /UNLIMITED

You can include several /GRANTs in a single command line. Enclose paths that include spaces like this

\\server\"long share name"="c:\long file name"

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