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Create, delete, edit, list, start or stop a scheduled task.
Works on local or remote computers.


SCHTASKS /Create create_options

SCHTASKS /Delete [/S system [/U username [/P password]]] /TN taskname [/F]

SCHTASKS /Query [/S system [/U username [/P password]]] [/FO format] [/NH] [/V]

SCHTASKS /Run [/S system [/U username [/P password]]] /TN taskname
SCHTASKS /End [/S system [/U username [/P password]]] /TN taskname

SCHTASKS /Change [/S system [/U username [/P password]]] {[/RU username] [/RP password] [/TR taskrun]} /TN taskname

[/S system #remote system (default is local)
[/U username [/P password]]] #submit job under this name
[/RU username [/RP password]] #run job under this name
/SC schedule [/MO modifier] #When to run, see below
[/I idletime] #1 - 999 minutes (ONIDLE task only)
/TN taskname /TR taskrun #Name and pathname for task
/ST starttime #HH:MM:SS (24 hour)
[/SD startdate] [/ED enddate] # start and end date "dd/mm/yyyy"

/F Force delete, ignore warnings even if the task is currently runnning.
/FO format Output format: TABLE, LIST, CSV
/NH No header
/V Verbose outputNotes:
For MONTHLY schedules give the DAY as a number 1 - 31 (default=1)

To prompt for the password, specify /RP * or /RP none

The User Account under which the Schedule service runs may require specific file access permissions, user permissions and drive mappings.

For the system account, /RU username can be written as "", "NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM" or "SYSTEM", a Password is not required.

/SC schedule The schedule frequency.

/MO modifiers allow finer control:

MINUTE: 1 - 1439 minutes.
HOURLY: 1 - 23 hours.
DAILY: 1 - 365 days.
WEEKLY: weeks 1 - 52.
ONCE: No modifiers.
ONSTART: No modifiers.
ONLOGON: No modifiers.
ONIDLE: No modifiers.
MONTHLY: 1 - 12, or FIRST, SECOND, THIRD, FOURTH, LAST, LASTDAY.Task Scheduler options are stored in the registry


Create a daily task to run at 11 pm

SCHTASKS /Create /SC weekly /D MON,TUE,WED,THU,FRI /TN MyDailyBackup /ST 23:00:00 /TR c:\backup.cmd /RU MyDomain\MyLogin /RP MyPassword

Delete the task above

SCHTASKS /Delete /TN "MyDailyBackup" /f

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