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Color setup for `ls'', outputs a sequence of shell commands to set up the terminal for color output from `ls'' (and `dir'', etc.).


eval `dircolors [options]... [file]`
If FILE is specified, `dircolors'' reads it to determine which colors to use for which file types and extensions. Otherwise, a precompiled
database is used. For details on the format of these files, run `dircolors --print-database''.

The output is a shell command to set the `LS_COLORS'' environment variable. You can specify the shell syntax to use on the command line, or `dircolors'' will guess it from the value of the `SHELL'' environment variable.


Output Bourne shell commands. This is the default if the `SHELL''
environment variable is set and does not end with `csh'' or `tcsh''.

Output C shell commands. This is the default if `SHELL'' ends with
`csh'' or `tcsh''.

Print the (compiled-in) default color configuration database. This
output is itself a valid configuration file, and is fairly
descriptive of the possibilities.

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