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Display message on screen, writes each given STRING to standard output, with a space between each and a newline after the last one.

echo [options]... [string]...


Do not output the trailing newline.

Disable the interpretation of the following backslash-escaped characters

Enable interpretation of the following backslash-escaped
characters in each STRING:

`\a'' alert (bell)

`\b'' backspace

`\c'' suppress trailing newline

`\e'' escape `\f'' form feed

`\n'' new line

`\r'' carriage return

`\t'' horizontal tab

`\v'' vertical tab

`\\'' backslash

the character whose ASCII code is NNN (octal); if NNN is not
a valid octal number, it is printed literally.

`\xnnn'' the character whose ASCII code is the hexadecimal value nnn (one to three digits)echo is a BASH built-in command

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