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Convert tabs to spaces, write the contents of each given file, to standard output, with tab characters converted to the appropriate number of spaces. If no file is given, or for a file of `-'', write to standard input

expand [options]... [file]...


`-t TAB1[,TAB2]...''
If only one tab stop is given, set the tabs TAB1 spaces apart
(default is 8). Otherwise, set the tabs at columns TAB1, TAB2,
... (numbered from 0), and replace any tabs beyond the last
tabstop given with single spaces. If the tabstops are specified
with the `-t'' or `--tabs'' option, they can be separated by blanks
as well as by commas.

Only convert initial tabs (those that precede all non-space or
non-tab characters) on each line to spaces.By default, expand
converts all tabs to spaces. It preserves backspace characters
in the output; they decrement the column count for tab calculations.
The default action is equivalent to `-8'' (set tabs every 8 columns).

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