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Scan a file system for disk usage


quotacheck [-g] [-u] [-v] -a
quotacheck [-g] [-u] [-v] filesys ...

Quotacheck performs a filesystems scan for usage of files and directories, used by either user or group. The output is the quota file for the corresponding filesystem. By default the names for these files are:

- A user scan: quota.user
- A group scan: quota.group

The resulting file consist of a struct dqblk for each possible id up to the highest existing uid or gid and contains the values for the disk file and block usage and possibly excess time for these values. ( for definitions of struct dqblk see )

Quotacheck should be run each time the system boots and mounts non-valid file systems. This is most likely to happen after a system crash.

The speed of the scan is proportional to the number of directories/files.

-v This way the program will give some useful infor­
mation about what it is doing, plus some fancy

-d This means debug. It will result in a lot of infor­
mation which can be used in debugging the program.
The output is very verbose and the scan will not be

-u This flag tells the program to scan the disk and to
count the files and directories used by a certain
uid. This is the default action.

-g This flag forces the program to count the the files
and directories used by a certain gid.

-a Check all of the quotas for the filesystems men­
tioned in /etc/fstab. Both user and group quotas
are checked as indictated by the /etc/fstab

-R When used in conjunction with -a, all filesystems
except the root filesystem are checked for quotas.

NOTE Quotacheck should only be run as Super User. Non-priviliged users are presumably not allowed to read all the directories on the given file system.

quota.user, quota.group, /etc/fstab

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