Useful Tools

This page contains a few tools which may be helpful in your travels around the 'net. Just click the heading above each paragraph to access the tool. If there is something you'd like to see here, drop me a note by clicking on the Contact Us link in the menu above. I'll see what I can do to get the tool you need.

Security and Networking

Use this tool to perform an NSLookup against a domain or IP address. Find host names, MX records, and more.

Malicious IP Checker
This tool allows you to check an IP address for "badness"; See if an IP has been noted for suspicious activity such as spamming, breach attempts, etc.

Default Password List
Completely searchable and browsable database of default usernames and passwords for networking equipment.

Subnet Calculator
Just like the name says. Given an IP address, this will give all info about the subnet.

What's My IP Address?
Your IP Address, as is publicy visible. If you are behind a proxy of some sort, this will show you what the proxy's external IP Address is.


SysAdmin Excuse Generator
Did you accidentally delete all home directories? You need an excuse to CYA.

Shakespeare Insult Generator
Don't settle for the same old tired insults. Have a little class.

IT Job Title Generator
Create a fancy, technology-enabled job title to impress your friends.

Buzzword Bullshit Generator
Get your point across by using some of todays newest and cutting edge buzzword phrases, using this tool to generate them!

Fake Persona Generator
This tool is handy for generating a fake online persona. For example, let's say you want to download some cool new piece of software, but they require you to fill out some BS form with all your info.

Password Generator v1
Generate one or many random passwords, of lengths you specify, containing numbers and letters. This one just makes some random number/letter combinations.

Password Generator v2
This password maker is a bit better - it gives you readable, pronounceable passwords. Note that the passwords might be in 1337-speak. Also, this does come from a dictionary, so it is crack-able. Always review the results before putting the output into use in a production environment.

Password Generator v3
Here is a another password maker! This one actually creates truly random passwords, but not just gibberish. Creation rules attempt to make the passwords pronounceable, but still nonsense words that do not appear in any dictionary. Except by coincendence, of course.


Byte Converter
Convert from bytes to kilobytes to megabytes to gigabytes to terabytes all on one screen.

Decimal to Fraction Converter
I hate fractions. Converting decimals to fractions is a pain. If you're like me, you need a bit of help, so I've added this converter tool to assist with the chore of conversion.

HTML Color chart
A rainbow of flavors, this will give you a taste of the mixing of colors that can be accomplished with HTML color codes.


ZIP Code Search
Give this tool a full or partial zip code, and it will be able to tell you what city and state it belongs to. Even displays the county, latitude, and longitude.

This is a place where you can post, for all the world to see, companies or individuals that you think need a beatdown with a big stick.

Questions and answers
Ask your question here. There are a lot of pretty smart people who come through this site, and surely one of them will help you out. It doesn't have to be a programming question; it can be anything technology related.

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