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Fake Persona Generator

This tool is handy for generating a fake online persona. For example, let's say you want to download some cool new piece of software, but they require you to fill out some BS form with all your info.

Some of these forms are pretty smart. The form will know if your area code doesn't match your zip code, or if your City and/or State don't match the othe two items.

This tool that I quickly whipped up utilizes real data to generate a fake persona. The following items all match, so the form your submitting to will validate correctly:

The rest of the information is simply generated at random. Note that this tool is not meant to build a false identity. It is simply to be used for passing data to websites that demand matching information when fillilng out an online form.

A freshly generated persona is show below. To generate another one, simply refresh this page.

Silas Hypolite


4332 Franklin Road
Albany, NY 12208

County: Albany
Latitide: 42.64972
Longitude: -73.806914
Timezone: Eastern

Contact Info:

Username: shypolite
Phone: 518-255-5551
Email Address:


Gender: Male
Birthday: March 20, 2002
Favorite Color: Purple
Weight: 240 pounds