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2021 Password Stats

In an effort to promote security, passwords used by millions of people around the world have been analyzed, and it seems that there a LOT of people out there that are not following good password practices.

Posted:2021-12-27, 424 views, filed under: Blog, Tip, Security

2022 Site Stats

Another year coming to a close. Here are a few stats behind this website that I found interesting, and you might as well.

Posted:2022-12-29, 195 views, filed under: Blog, General

25 PowerShell Commands to Know

PowerShell has emerged as a powerful alternative when it comes to executing commands on Windows, providing enthusiasts with more options than the traditional Windows command line, which had limited capabilities for years.

Posted:2023-07-18, 176 views, filed under: Blog, Tutorial, Tip, Scripting, Cheatsheet, Powershell

303 Keyboard Shortcuts

By utilizing keyboard shortcuts, or hotkeys, you can use your operating system and applications at a much higher level of productivty and efficiency.

Posted:2018-07-25, 1925 views, filed under: Windows, General, Outlook, Tip, Tutorial, MS Word

5 Hardware Components You Need to Upgrade Your PC

If you're a PC enthusiast or a professional who relies on their computer for work, you understand the importance of keeping your system up to date. Upgrading your PC's hardware components can significantly enhance its performance and extend its lifespan. In this blog post, we will explore five essential hardware components that you should consider upgrading to unleash the full potential of your PC.

Posted:2023-07-14, 74 views, filed under: Tip, Blog, Hardware

5 Types of Cybersecurity Threats Everyone Should Know About

Posted:2023-10-03, 192 views, filed under: Blog, Security, Tip, Glossary, Spyware

7 Essential Tips for Perfect Digital Photos

Posted:2023-09-20, 278 views, filed under: Tip, Blog, General

7 Geek Subspecies

The geek species has many different subspecies. There is a type of geek for just about every subject area in existance. You have food geeks, movie geeks, boating geeks, and more. This being a tech site, I'd thought I'd share a few subspecies from the tech strata.

Posted:2014-11-06, 1913 views, filed under: Blog, Tech Jokes, General

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