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8 Tips for Aspiring Tech Writers

Technical writing is a field that involves transforming complex information into clear, concise, and user-friendly content. This job is crucial in many industries, especially in the technology sector, where products and services often need to be explained in a way that is understandable to all. Here are some tips for budding technical writers that can help them navigate this challenging yet fulfilling profession.

Posted:2023-08-07, 159 views, filed under: Documentation, Tip, Blog, Tech Career

8 Tips for Choosing a Home Office Printer

Setting up a home office can be a delightful process of curating your workspace for optimal productivity and comfort. One key component that often requires special attention is the humble office printer. With numerous options on the market, how do you decide which printer will suit your needs? Here's a guide to help you navigate through the choices and select the best printer for your home office.

Posted:2023-08-22, 114 views, filed under: Blog, Tip, Printer

8 Useful PowerShell Quickies

In my current position, I use PowerShell quite a bit, but not just for automation of repetitive tasks. I thought I would take a few minutes to jot down a few one-offs that might be of use to other folks.

Posted:2020-04-22, 499 views, filed under: Powershell, PowerShell Code Cache, Scripting

9 Infection Warning Signs

There are currently over 78,000 Spyware and Adware programs on the Internet that can affect your PC. Here are 9 warning signs you should be aware of, if any of them pertain to you then your PC is most likely infected:

Posted:2023-03-27, 156 views, filed under: Blog, General, Tip, Security, Spyware

A Guide to Cloud Storage

Posted:2023-10-18, 100 views, filed under: Glossary

A Peace Offering to Disgruntled Reddit Moderators?

Posted:2023-08-26, 124 views, filed under: News

A Word to my Tech Brothers and Sisters

Posted:2023-10-10, 157 views, filed under: Blog, Tech Career

About SQL Injection

Posted:2023-01-25, 188 views, filed under: Blog, General, Glossary, Tip, Security

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