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AI and Cloud Services Amplify Email Threats

Posted:2023-10-23, 68 views, filed under: Security, Privacy, Blog

AI Benchmarking: Nvidia and Intel Battle for Top Spot

Posted:2023-09-13, 83 views, filed under: News, AI

AI Companies Pledge Responsible Development to White House

Posted:2023-09-13, 112 views, filed under: News, AI

AI Eyes in the Sky: California's New Firefighting Arsenal

California's primary firefighting body, Cal Fire, is harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to detect wildfires early. Through a constellation of 1,039 HD cameras, the system is trained to spot the first signs of wildfires, enabling quicker firefighter responses. In its initial phase, this cutting-edge AI system detected 77 wildfires even before 911 centers got wind of them, boasting an impressive 40% success rate, as reported by The New York Times.

Posted:2023-08-27, 72 views, filed under: News, AI

AI in the Driver's Seat: Bias Risks in Pedestrian Detection

The rise of artificial intelligence is revealing a concerning pattern: biases in AI training translate to real-world discrimination. From AI recruitment tools sidelining women to missteps with ChatGPT's biases, the repercussions are widening. Alarmingly, facial recognition errors by the police predominantly misidentify Black individuals.

Posted:2023-08-27, 72 views, filed under: AI, News

AI Leaders & Senators: Discussing the Future of AI Regulation

Posted:2023-09-18, 59 views, filed under: News, AI

Air Europa Cybersecurity Breach Exposes Credit Card Details

Posted:2023-10-13, 124 views, filed under: News, Security, Privacy

Alexa Gets a New Brain

Posted:2023-09-21, 256 views, filed under: AI, News

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