VB6 Tutorial Overview and Plan


This page is meant to provide a handy index of the tutorial, as well as the planned direction of items yet to be written.

Update Schedule

Ideally, I'll be updating this page as the status changes for each post. I'll be building 5 to 7 new lessons per week, some of which have one or more sample projects attached, so it may take a bit longer to get all of them done and submitted.

Even though I am a "supermod" on this site, I don't have the ability to approve my own posts. That's up to the admins. Not to worry, though. Newly submitted articles are placed in a queue, each author has one article per day reviewed, accepted, and released for consumption.

As an example, I currently have five (5) articles in the queue. This morning there were six, but one was accepted and released, leaving five in the queue, to be processed in the coming days. Make sense?

Field Descriptors

The table below gives the status of an item, as well as where the tutorial as a whole is going. The descriptions of the fields in the table are:

complete This article has completed authoring, or has been accepted by the admins.
submitted This article has been submitted for approval
in progress The article the processing of being authored
yes Appearing in the code field, this denotes if there are one or sample projects attached to the post.
outlining Not yet to the actual authoring stage, but is being outlined.
planned This is a currently planned article. The title and lesson number are tentative, and no work has been done yet.
  This is an article that may or may not be written. It might be dropped from the tutorial, might be combined with another article, or something else might happen to it.

Lesson Index and Status Table

# Subject/Title Authoring
01 Introduction complete accepted  
02 The Integrated Development Environment complete accepted  
03 An overview of VB controls complete accepted  
04 Your first Visual Basic program complete accepted yes
05 Concept of event driven programming complete accepted yes
06 Variables and data types complete accepted  
07 Scope of a variable complete accepted  
08 Operators & expressions complete accepted  
09 Common properties 1 of 3 complete accepted yes
10 Common properties 2 of 3 complete accepted  
11 Common properties 1 of 3 complete accepted  
12 Label & TextBox complete accepted yes
13 The CommandButton control complete accepted yes
14 Input and Output operations complete accepted yes
15 Data type conversion complete accepted  
16 How to make an executable file complete accepted  
17 If/Then Blocks complete accepted yes
18 Nested If-Else complete accepted yes
19 Select Case blocks complete accepted yes
20 Do Loops complete accepted  
21 For...Next Loops complete accepted  
22 Option Button and Frame Controls complete accepted yes
23 The Checkbox Control complete accepted yes
24 OptionButton and CheckBox, Part 2 complete accepted yes
25 PictureBox and Image Controls complete accepted yes
26 Common Events complete accepted yes
27 Other Control Flow Functions complete accepted  
28 Form Events complete accepted  
29 Form Templates complete accepted  
30 Lines and Shapes complete accepted yes
31 MouseOver Effects complete accepted yes
32 Methods complete accepted yes
33 The Object Browser complete accepted  
34 Numeric Functions complete submitted  
35 Formatting Functions complete submitted  
36 String Concatenation complete submitted  
37 String functions complete submitted  
38 Working with Date and Time in progress    
39 Data Inspection Functions in progress    
40 ListBox Control in progress    
41 ListBox Multi-Select in progress   planned
  ComboBox Control      
  Filesystem Controls      
  Overflow Errors      
  Animation with the Timer Control      
  Working with Numbers      
  Named Constants      
  More Date-time Functions      
  Multi-dimensional arrays      
  Dynamic Array      
  Collections, Part 1      
  Collections, Part 2      
  User-Defined Types      
  Sub Procedures, Part 1      
  Sub Procedures, Part 2      
  Building Functions      
  Working with Menus      
  Pop-up Dialogs      
  Using Multiple Forms (MDI)      
  Splash screen      
  MDI forms      
  Working with the Screen      
  Standard BAS module      
  Error Handling      
  The Clipboard Object      

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