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3D Rotating Wireframes in VB6 2017-08-16

How to use the Line method with 3D plotting formulas.

Access Database Code Generator 2018-02-04

This utility generates code that you can use inside your apps to create an Access database With ADO.

Accounting Application 2018-01-27

A complete accounting application, geared towards providers of temporary labor.

Animated Cursors 2017-08-19

How to load an animated cursor for use in your VB app.

API File Copy Demo 2018-02-16

API Sample that demonstrates how to use the windows Shell to select any file, then select a directory, then use the shell to copy the file from one location to another, displaying the Shell Copy Progress Box. 

Autocomplete Textbox example 2018-01-20

This is a simple demonstration of how to give a standard combo box auto complete functionality.  As the user types, the input is matched with the items in the combo box.

Basic CURL with VB6 2017-09-17

This is a basic example of how to download the html of a web page with Visual Basic 6, using no ActiveX controls, and only Windows API calls.

Basic Encryption 2017-07-04

How to encrypt INI and data files. Includes 3 functions for data encryption. Uses a derived key XOR.

Better App.Path Function 2007-05-03

App.Path returns a string with the "\" character at the end if the path is the root drive (e.g., "C:\") but without that character if it isn't (e.g., "C:\Program Files"). Most of the time we need the "\" at the end, so this function saves you the inconvenience of adding it every time.

Building Random People 2017-12-21

Yes, building people. This program, meant to demonstrate the use of a few different methods, builds random person data (Address, phone, etc).

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