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Bytes -> Megabytes Converter Function 2018-02-11

Converts a figure represented in bytes to the corresponding figure in megabytes, formatted to two decimal places. With a little modification, this could also be converted into a multi-value converter for kilobytes, gigabytes, terabytes, petabytes, etc.

Calculate Subnet Mask Function 2012-09-16

Most developers don't have much of a clue about network fundamentals. What may be a simple thing for a network engineer or system administrator may leave a developer simply scratching his or her head.

Check for duplicates in an array 2018-01-06

I've been looking around for this code and no one could provide it. So finally I wrote it. It checks for duplicates in an array and returns true if there are any.

Code Library with Auto Add Feature 2017-08-06

Way back in the days of yore, about thirteen years ago, I decided I needed a central repository for all my random bits of code. Not having the dollars at the time, I decided to build my own code repository.

Complete billing system 2018-01-27

This is a complete billing system written in Visual Basic 6.

Create 3D Terrain with no API 2018-02-04

Without using any API at all, this app shows how to create a simple 3D terrain using simple mathematics and some basic graphics commands and controls.

Create an Access database with VB6 2017-12-21

Creating an Access database with VB6 should not be intimidating, and it is much simpler than you might think.  Four lines of code will do the job.

CyberCooker Recipe Database 2018-01-21

This is a little something that I put together about thirteen years ago to manage recipes. Comes with database of 11,001 recipes.

Detect Inactive Input 2018-03-01

This code sample shows how to detect activity or inactivity on the mouse and keyboard.

Disk Volume Information 2017-09-08

How to retrieve the disk serial number, capacity, and free space.

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