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Display File Properties 2017-07-22

A demonstration on how to display the properties dialog of any file.

Document/URL Viewing 2017-08-22

How to run file associations, such as the default browser. Automatically run the correct program by "running" the document or URL. 

Don't delete, Recycle 2017-08-25

The default behavior when deleting files from within your VB program is to do just that: delete the file. Using this function instead will send the file to the Recycle Bin.

Download website html code with VB6 2017-11-18

In ancient Greek religion and Greek mythology, Demeter is the goddess of the harvest. This code sample demonstrates how to harvest the headers and html code of a web site via VB6.

Drag form without titlebar 2017-08-06

Drag a form that has no titlebar! Add the routine listed below, and call it in the 'MouseDown' event of the form (or a control on the form):

Drawing Gradients in VB6 2018-03-13

This module uses the line function to create a gradient fill on either a form or picture box, fades from one RGB color to another.

Easily write to the Windows Event Log 2018-01-13

This module allows you to write text to the Windows Event Log with with a single method call. Includes options for Type, Source, Category, and Event.

Easy Image Retrieve/Store to Access 2017-08-05

An easy approach to saving images to database , displaying them, even save to file and search and display relevant images from database.

Employee Timekeeping System 2018-01-27

And here we have an employee time keeping system that allows users to clock in and clock out.

Enhanced TextBox Limits 2017-09-05

How to limit lines in a TextBox control. Shows how to limit a TextBox to a specific number of characters per line and a specific number of lines. 

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