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File Copy 2017-08-21

How to implement Windows standard file operations (copy, move, delete).

File Logging Module 2018-06-15

This is a simple module that will allow you to log events from within your program to a text file. This is more of a string handling demo, but could be useful as a starting point for something bigger.

Find File 2017-07-23

How to find files via recursive directory searching. Uses a recursive procedure to find files that match your search and path entries. Also contains functional equivalents of InstrRev, Split, and Replace functions for earlier versions of VB. 

Flat Headers 2017-07-23

How to use flat, non-clickable headers with the ListView control. Give your listboxes a little more modern look.

Flicker-Free Animation 2017-07-24

How to animate transparent images without flicker. Extensive comments in the sample explains how it all works.

Folder Guard 2018-02-28

With this code you can create a application that watches specified folders. When someone try's to access a folder that is being watched, the application closes the folder and displays an error message.

Font Alignment 2017-07-24

How to align fonts along a baseline. When printing different point sizes of a font using VB's Print method, they default to aligning at the top of the characters rather than on a common baseline. This sample shows how to properly align them. Works for the Form, PictureBox, UserControl, and Printer objects. 

Get Available Drivespace with VB6 2012-11-25

As a developer, from time to time you are called upon to build or process large chunks of data. During this process, you can use the the local hard drive as a temporary holding area. Admittedly, with todays well-specc'd computers, you shouldn't need to do this, but back in the day, this was the norm.

Get Window Handles - VB4 Version 2017-07-25

How to retrieve window handles without subclassing. Fills a ListBox with top level parent window handles and titles. Another ListBox is filled with all window handles and titles. Also show how to terminate a process. 

GetDriveType 2017-07-25

How to retrieve drive types (CD-ROM, Removeable, Network, etc...).  Fills a ListBox control with drive letters and types. 

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