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MIDI Note 2017-08-09

How to play a MIDI note via low-level MIDI API. Plays a few MIDI notes via the MIDI stream interface. 

More ListBox Horizontal Scrolling 2017-08-05

How to create a horizontal scroll bar in a ListBox. Also fills a ListBox with directories and filenames.

MultiLine TextBox 2017-08-09

How to extract the lines from a multiline TextBox. Also shows how to auto-scroll the TextBox as you add items. 

MyPad PHP Editor 2018-02-16

MyPad is a very small PHP Editor, the executable has as size of only 40kb resp. 140kb if not compressed with an exe packer.

No Minimize 2017-08-09

How to disable the Minimize system menu option. Also disables the minimize icon. The technique can be used to delete any system menu option. 

Parse Text 2017-08-11

How to parse text. Separates words by finding a space, dash, period, or any other character.

Path/Extension 2017-08-11

Using some simple string handling magic, this project shows how to extract the path and extension from a filename.

Picture/Mouse Moves 2017-08-11

How to change a picture as a mouse moves on then off the control.

Plugins for VB6 Programs 2017-08-13

How to create "plug-in" support for your programs. Uses the VB6 CallByName statement to demonstrate how to create custom interface support for your programs.

PopHwnd 2017-08-13

How to retrieve the handle of a popup menu. This sample uses a derivative of the technique created for the Windows Styles article in Visual Basic Programmer's Journal.

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