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List Running Processes with VBScript 2017-09-20

This quick chunk of demo code shows you how to get a list of running processes on the local machine with VBScript, via WMI.

Strip Non-Numeric Characters in ASP/VBScript 2013-08-25

I have been asked for this little snippet of code by several users, so here it is. It does something that sounds really simple, but "classic" development languages from Microsoft don't seem to have a built in function for it.

Using VBScript and WMI to get Remote System Info 2016-02-09

From time to time, you might be called upon to get some information about many machines, quickly. If you don't have an up-to-date inventory system, or that data is suspect, you can leverage a script to get the data for you.

Using VBScript to manage Event Logs 2008-06-07

Just a quick little post to share some VBScripts that could be handing for automating management of Windows Event Logs.

VBScript: Dump AD Users to Excel 2014-09-25

This handy little script will dump out your Active Directory users to an Excel spreadsheet.  Simply run it with an account that has the necessary permissions to query AD, and it will do the rest, including notify you with a dialog box when it is done.

VBScript: Search Active Directory for User 2012-03-18

Anyone can use Active Directory Users and Computers to search fora user. Just right-click the container you want to search, and select the find option. Easy-peasy, lemon squeezy.

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