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VB6 Tutorial 46: Basic Animation

This lesson is about the Timer control in VB6. It's simple and interesting.

Posted On: 2018-05-08, by VB6Boy

VB6 Tutorial 45: Overflow Errors

Have you ever faced an overflow-error? While working with large data, generally large numbers, overflow error raises. Iím going to explain about the overflow-error to you in this lesson with some tips and tricks for fixing it. Reasons for an Overflow error Assigning large numbers The overflow err...

Posted On: 2018-05-07, by VB6Boy

VB6 Tutorial 44: Working with Drive, Directory, and File list boxes

In this lesson, I'll talk about the file system controls in VB6. To work with the file system, the DriveListBox, DirListBox and FileListBox are used together that will access the files stored in the secondary memory of your computer. The DriveListBox shows all the drives on your computer, the DirL...

Posted On: 2018-05-02, by VB6Boy

VB6 Tutorial 43: Scrollbars

In this lesson, you'll learn the basics of how to work with a scrollbar.

Posted On: 2018-04-27, by VB6Boy

VB6 Tutorial 42: The Combobox

In this lesson, I'll tell you about the ComboBox control in brief. ComboBox is the combination of a TextBox and a ListBox. The user can type in the text field to select an item or select an item manually from the list. All the properties, events and methods of a ComboBox control are as same as ...

Posted On: 2018-04-27, by VB6Boy

VB6 Tutorial 41: Listbox Multiselect

Visual Basic 6 allows you to use the multiple selection feature of the ListBox control.

Posted On: 2018-04-27, by VB6Boy

VB6 Tutorial 40: The Listbox Control

This lesson shows you how to work with the ListBox control in Visual Basic 6.

Posted On: 2018-04-27, by VB6Boy

VB6 Tutorial 39: Data Inspection Functions

You'll learn about some data inspection functions in this lesson. These functions will inspect the expression. More precisely, these functions will provide you the information related to your expression. You'll get these functions in the Object Browser inside the "Information" module.

Posted On: 2018-04-23, by VB6Boy

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