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Using VBScript and WMI to get Remote System Info

From time to time, you might be called upon to get some information about many machines, quickly. If you don't have an up-to-date inventory system, or that data is suspect, you can leverage a script to get the data for you.
Posted On:2016-02-09, Views:11

Resolving IP to Hostname with PowerShell

Getting the hostname from an IP address (or vice versa) is no great magic, and can be done easily with PowerShell, by simply leveraging .Net to do the work.
Posted On:2016-01-15, Views:111

SCOM 2012 Agent "Not Monitored"

Recently, I rebuilt my SCOM environment (don't ask), re-attaching all the previously existing agents to the new installation. Lots of them came back as "Not Monitored".
System CenterTipTutorialWindows
Posted On:2015-10-27, Views:861

8 Reasons Why Your External Hard Drive May Corrupt

Computer not detecting external Hard Disk Drive? Probably you are looking for answers of that question and that’s why you are here. Extracting data form corrupt or inaccessible external hard drive isn’t an easy job and you might need to go through little advanced troubleshooting steps.
BlogWindows 8Windows 7Windows XP
Posted On:2015-10-08, Views:577

China Calls US Cyberattack Accusations Baseless

A team of Reuters reporters put out an article early this morning, wherein China apparently is trying to play the victim.
Posted On:2015-09-11, Views:747

Zohno Z-Hire

Z-Hire from Zohno helps you to reduce the time and steps needed during the onboarding of new employees by allowing  you to set up templates for user accounts. These templates can then be used to create not just an Active Directory account, but also an Exchange mailbox, Lync account, and even a Salesforce account.
Active DirectoryReviewTipWindows
Posted On:2015-08-12, Views:684

ASN Active Directory Manager

AdSysNet (ASN) has built a nice and comprehensive tool for bulk managing and reporting on AD objects, all through a simple to use graphical interface.
Active DirectoryReviewTipWindows
Posted On:2015-08-10, Views:1496