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Opening Closed Exchange Distribution Groups with PowerShell

By default, new distribution groups in Exchange 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2016 do accept messages from outside of the Exchange organization. In some cases, this may not be the desired behavior.

Posted On:2017-01-17, Views:138



Ping Active Directory servers with PowerShell

Using the ping command to test for responses from network computers is a quick way to see if a network path is open between two hosts. Not in depth, but basic. Here is how to get a list of servers from Active Directory, and ping them with PowerShell.

Posted On:2016-12-29, Views:185



Joining files with PowerShell

As a server administrator, one of my duties is to review log files for anomolous behavior, errors, or other issues. For me, combining all the daily logs into one big file is much easier to review.

Posted On:2016-12-21, Views:196



Interesting Suggestion from Google

I was perusing Google Analytics this morning, and got this descriptive and informative error.

Posted On:2016-12-15, Views:225



PSMetrics Part 4: Basic Metrics Display in ASP

Welcome to the final piece of the puzzle: displaying our metrics. We now have a pile of bits in our database, and now it needs to be displayed in a meaningful way.

Posted On:2016-12-08, Views:247



Creating an Event Log with PowerShell

Programmatically creating an new Windows Event Viewer log can be quite useful during automated processes. While some folks know how this is done, others might needs some guidance. Here's how to do it with PowerShell.

Posted On:2016-12-06, Views:246



PSMetrics Part 3: A simple ASP ingestor

Welcome to part 3 in the PSMetrics series. In this part, I'll be building a simple ingestor to receive and process data from the collectors, and send the data on to the database.

Posted On:2016-11-16, Views:290