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Why I am ditching

There is one simple reason that I am moving my email back to Gmail: Search is broken.
Posted On:2015-06-08, Views:193

Watch out for ListingDomainReg Spam / Scam Bait

I recently purchased a new domain name, and lo, the spam has started to roll in. The one I got this morning could be really dangerous for budding young webmasters just starting out.
Webmaster RelatedSecurityTip
Posted On:2015-05-23, Views:462

How Pusher Killed the Labs

This is the story of how 3 lab environments were rendered inoperable with a click of a mouse button. Well, there was some configuration involved, but it was completed with a single click.
Posted On:2015-05-05, Views:437

Who is Behind Job Spam?

If you have been in the job market, chances are that you have received a lot of "offers" from recruiters. Lots of times, these "offers" are for short-term contracts, in random places around your country. I thought I'd pick apart the email header, and share it here.
Posted On:2015-05-01, Views:518

Don't Throw Away Your Servers Yet

Recently, Jon Evans of TechCrunch posted a really intriguing article discussing why your software development package is behind schedule. Itís a really good article, and I agree with 66 percent of it. He makes and explains two of the three points really well. As a systems guy, I take a bit of umbr...
Posted On:2015-02-04, Views:1302

Retrieve local NetBIOS name with VB6

There are a two really easy ways to get the netBIOS name of the local machine. One leverages API calls to Win32, while the other simply queries an environment variable.
Visual Basic 6TipTutorialWindows
Posted On:2015-01-17, Views:1454

Manual install of DX7VB.DLL

A recent tip for installing VB6 on Windows 7 has included the installation of an old version of the DirectX 7 library. Here is that process.
Visual Basic 6TutorialTipWindows
Posted On:2015-01-13, Views:8094