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Start SCOM Maint Mode with PowerShell

Turns on Maintenance Mode for a specific computer monitored by SCOM (System Center Operations Manager).  Ensure that the OperationsManager module is available on the computer from which this script is executed.

Posted On: 2017-12-13, by AustinGreca

User PowerShell to send a pop-up

Nothing magical here, just a little something to help get the attention of whoever is at the keyboard on a remote machine. This funtion will allow you to pop up a message on a LAN-connected computer.

Posted On: 2017-12-13, by Jitendr

Get a list of Wifi networks with PowerShell

Returns the parsed output of netsh wlan show network mode=bssid in psobject form. Does exactly what it says on the tin. Requires Vista/2008 or higher, or XP SP3 with a hotfix (I can't recall which one, sorry.)

Posted On: 2017-12-12, by OGrehan

Get Windows Product Key with PowerShell

Retrieve the windows product key of a specified machine using WMI, via PowerShell.

Posted On: 2017-12-10, by bestik

Stop service and wait

Very simple script that stops a service and waits for it to stop before rebooting. This script can be edited so it runs on every reboot or can be run manually to reboot.

Posted On: 2017-12-10, by awoodrup


In an interesting design choice, Get-Process lets you work with processes on remote machines, but Stop-Process does not. This cmdlet uses WMI to stop a process on a remote machine. The cmdlet uses your current credentials, I would like to expand it to run under alternate credentials if necessar...

Posted On: 2017-12-10, by bwahoff

Basic PowerShell CheatSheat

We all need to peek at the answers from time to time. This post is simply a quick reference guide for basic PowerShell tips, tricks, how-to's, explanations, etc.

Posted On: 2017-12-10, by dwirch

PowerShell Support Matrix

Do you have trouble remember which operating system supports what version of PowerShell? This little cheat sheet will give you hand with that.

Posted On: 2017-12-10, by dwirch

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