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Display or change the date


to display the date


to set the system date




A typical output from DATE /T is "Mon 11/09/2000" but this is dependent on the country code. The date formats for different country codes are as follows:

Country or languageCountryCodeDate formatTime format
United States00101/23/19975:35:00.00p
Czechoslovakia04223.01.1997 17:35:00
France03323.01.1997 17:35:00
Germany04923.01.1997 17:35:00
Latin America00323/01/19975:35:00.00p
International English06123/01/1997 17:35:00.00
Portugal35123-01-1997 17:35:00
Switzerland04123.01.97 17 35.00
Norway04723.01.97 17:35:00
Belgium03223/01/97 17:35:00
Brazil05523/01/97 17:35:00
Italy03923/01/97 17.35.00
United Kingdom04423/01/97 17:35:00.00
Denmark04523-01-97 17.35.00
Netherlands03123-01-97 17:35:00
Hungary0361997.01.23 17:35:00
Canadian-French0021997-01-23 17:35:00
Poland0481997-01-23 17:35:00
Sweden0461997-01-23 17.35.00

Date Formatting

In Control Panel Regional settings a short date STYLE can be set. This can be used to change the date separator, the order (e.g. dd/mm/yyyy or mm/dd/yyyy) and the number of characters used to display days and months.

Date Format information in the registry

The Country Code is a setting in the registry. This can be read using REG.exe as follows

Note: following command is all on one line:

FOR /F "TOKENS=3 delims= " %%G IN ('REG QUERY "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\International\iCountry"') DO (SET v_country=%%G)

The date separator is also a registry setting. This can be read using REG.exe as follows

Note: following command is all on one line:

FOR /F "TOKENS=3 delims= " %%G IN ('REG QUERY "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\International\sDate"') DO SET v_date_sep=%%G

If Command Extensions are disabled DATE will not support the /T switch

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