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Cable types you will need for your home lab
When you're putting your CCNA and/or CCNP home lab together, you're not just buying routers and switches you're creating a blueprint for success.
Posted:2010-12-25, 1932 views

Prefix Notation
When you're preparing to pass the CCNA exam and earn this coveted Cisco certification, you've got to be totally prepared for the many kinds of binary and subnetting questions Cisco may throw at you.
Posted:2011-02-20 , 959 views

OSPF Router Types
When you''re preparing to pass the BSCI exam on the way to the coveted Cisco CCNP certification, you can be quickly overwhelmed by the sheer amount of BGP and OSPF knowledge you must demonstrate a mastery of.
Posted:2008-07-20, 1958 views

Five Debug Commands to Know
To pass the BSCI exam and move one step closer to CCNP certification success, you've got to know how and when to use debug commands to troubleshoot and verify network operations.
Posted:2010-12-25 , 1889 views

IOS Location Process
The sequence of events the bootstrap code follows to find the image follows.
Posted:2007-05-02, 2418 views

Open Systems Interconnection(OSI) Model
The Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model began as a reference model, but has since been implemented.
Posted:2007-05-02, 2826 views

What is Routing?
Routing is the process by which an item gets from one location to another.
Posted:2007-05-02, 3053 views

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